The fastest growing, popular and engaging content is generated by individual consumers – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and much of the web is based on consumer generated content. SoLook Media has developed a proprietary user generated content system designed to increase consumer interaction and engagement with a brand. This application provides functionality including:

  1. User generated content (pics, video, text, docs). This can be generated via call to action in the context of a contest or promotion –eg “send us your recipe, picture, description, video…”
  2. Content upload. Participants go to promotion host site (facebook page, website) to upload their content. The workflow can require proof of purchase (receipt code), registration of personal data, promo code or becoming a Fan on Facebook. Participant is given an option to browse their desktop and select content they wish to load.
  3. Content review. A representative of the brand reviews content submitted and selects content for publication. Content submitted by underage participants can be quarantined until parental authorization. Inappropriate words are automatically flagged.
  4. Content publication. A representative of the brand publishes content (web, Facebook, outdoor digital sign)
  5. User generated commentary. Public views content and contributes commentary (voting, text, photos)