Our work extends from immersive brand experiences and exhibits to connected customer experience and smart building design.

Today, spaces need to be multipurpose and flexible to be adaptive to rapidly changing technologies. People who have grown up with social media expect their lives to be rich and dynamic, and they want physical spaces to reflect that. In the workplace, they want a space that helps them feel connected to their coworkers. In a retail environment, they expect the same dynamism they experience online with recommended and consistently updated products. But technology alone isn’t enough to provide a dynamic experience. To be effective, digital technology must be used in service to the user — whether they’re a worker, shopper, traveler, or sports fan.

We’ve already helped some of our clients break new ground.

SoLook Brand Design

Great brands connect with audiences on an emotional level. It takes a thoughtful strategy to develop communication programs and branded environments that define, inspire, and engage consumers. The designers, strategists, and programmers of SoLook’s Brand Design practice create seamless user experiences and unified brand impressions that resonate with audiences.

Our Brand Design practice area provides the following services:

  • Community Brand Design:

A sense of place is essential. The cities and neighborhoods in which we live are a uniquely woven fabric of people, culture, heritage, and environment. These are the factors that shape the experience of place. SoLook believes effective place branding is a key to unlocking the story of any community. Our strategists and designers create spaces and experiences that enable communities to communicate clearly about their purpose, function, and the real value they provide to their citizens, institutions, businesses, and neighbors.

  • Lifestyle Brand Design:

Experience Matters. Strong brand experiences create a distinct connection with consumers that builds relationships for a lifetime. SoLook believes that to truly design an experience, each touchpoint throughout the brand journey must be considered carefully and each element should sing in the same voice. Through a holistic approach that blends brand and experience strategy, graphic design, interior design, and digital communications, we create environments that connect people and brands in an immersive, comprehensive way.

  • Workplace Brand Design:

Our work is shaped by culture. A successfully branded workplace connects with people on an emotional level, attracting top talent, engaging employees, and inspiring visitors and clients. SoLook’s designers craft meaningful experiences grounded in a deep understanding of a company’s culture. We work closely with our clients to ensure each environment we develop is designed in response to the bigger picture and integrates brand vision and messaging with the physical environment to tell an impactful story.


Retail is no longer about products; it’s about the relationship between a brand and its audience. As a design agency, we harness the power of content and space in equal measure to create experiences that maximize engagement between a brand and its customers. The result is seamless, no matter the medium — online, mobile, social, virtual, or physical. Our total retail service allows us to evolve offerings and experiences in step with the evolution of any given customer group, leading to long-term relationships with our clients.

Retail Centers

Next-generation retail destinations fundamentally recalibrate the traditional shopping experience. This new hybrid model is amenity- and service-rich, leverages technology, promotes culture, and offers more leisure and event activities. We cinematically design the entire experience to create vibrant, engaging, and memorable places where people feel a sense of community and loyalty.