Consumers are opting to receive information and offers from the brands they prefer on their mobile phones. Anywhere-anytime information and value propositions deployed through mobile phones are based on requests by consumers so they are guaranteed to have impact. SoLook Media’s mobile marketing solutions enable brands to establish meaningful engagements and interacts with consumers.

SoLook Media will work with your marketing team to conceive and create a campaign that reaches your target market. We employ the best practices to ensure our solution integrates the mobile channel with your existing advertising and marketing channels including print, radio, television, and Internet.

  • SMS messaging applications
  • Mobile web sites (WAP pages)
  • iPhone apps (certified iPhone developer)
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Android apps


Text Messaging (SMS)

SMS messaging is used to send short (up 160 characters) text-based messages to and from mobile phones. The fact that mobile phone users can send an SMS message from their phone anywhere, anytime makes it a powerful communication platform. SMS addresses (short codes) can be integrated into print, radio, or TV advertising as “calls-to-action.” Most people have their mobile phones with them at all times. This provides opportunities to increase the effectiveness of traditional advertising initiatives. Advertisements on billboards and in magazines can contain SMS addresses enabling prospects to respond on the spot, instigating a dialogue with your company through SMS.


Mobile Web (WAP)

A mobile web page (WAP site) is an internet site, scaled down to deliver quick information that is specifically devised for small screens and one-hand navigation without a keyboard. It uses small file sizes that work with the constraints of handheld devices.

WAP pages are essentially microsites for your brand and are a great way to ensure consumers can access key information about your company and brand whenever they want whether they have a computer with them or not. When people are out and about they can get directions, hours of operation, contact numbers or any other information that they want immediately. Having a mobile phone web page will help you reach more of your clientele and future customers.

WAP pages on standard mobile phones can be used to collect information from consumers.  Brand ambassadors, customer service and sales reps can introduce special offers and promotions and then input consumer data directly on to a WAP page. Information collected on WAP pages are sent directly to a data base for hosting and tracking.