SoLook Media’s suite of consumer acquisition and retention solutions are delivered by way of a proprietary, anywhere-anytime communications Platform. The Platform enables brands to deploy content, offers, coupons and messaging through multiple mediums and devices including mobile (SMS, iPhone, WAP), Facebook, Twitter, email, and web. It captures and registers consumer interactions and responses to promotions and initiatives (events, sales, contests, promotions) through various touch points. Individual participants and their interactions are registered and stored on a central database for future promotions and communications. Core to the platform is business intelligence – data capture, engagement analytics and reporting that enable brands to understand consumer preferences and establish ongoing communication protocols based on this information.

What differentiates SoLook Media’s Digital Marketing platform from any other communication platform on the market is customization. The Platform is designed to be customized to meet specific data capture and communication requirements that enable our clients to provide unique and highly innovative interactions with their prospect and customer communities. Components to the platform can be purchased in single or multiple modules and easily integrated into existing web, email and guest services systems and programs.

Business Intelligence

SoLook Media integrates tracking, reporting and analytics in all campaigns in order to measure consumer engagement, interaction, redemption and ROI. These solutions provide robust tracking, reporting and analytics for all interactions through mobile, Facebook, web and email. Reports are accessible through any computer with an internet connection and user id and password. SoLook Media’s solutions provides reporting on all relevant data including individual event results, geo mapping, and consumer touch points including Facebook, Mobile, Twitter and web.

Database and Hosting

As brands evolve their marketing to targeted and one-to-one strategies, consumer data capture is becoming more important. SoLook Media solutions encompass meaningful interactions and engagement with consumers. During this process information is captured and stored to be used by our brand clients for future, targeted messaging and offers. All information collected regarding prospects and customers (consumer data) can be easily exported to integrate with existing and additional vendor platforms. SoLook Media solutions enable managers and decision makers to extract information quickly and easily from individual and/or multiple campaigns in order to answer questions about their effectiveness and success. Information collected can be used as basis for ongoing communication with your consumers in order to learn and gather more statistical data from users interacting with SoLook Media solutions.