It’s all about making it fit and making it work!
We create bespoke in-store digital experience, be it responsive and interactive or not, from conceptual ideation to actual execution, including the strategic planning, the creative development and the production. Whether we’re repurposing other media, or building a new one from scratch, we always tend to team with you and your partners, to achieve what’s right for your business.

SoLook Media Strategic Services Group

Our Strategy Service

Digital communication channels and technologies are evolving at a breath-taking pace. Consumers are using multiple communication platforms, channels and technologies to interact with each other and the brands they choose. Brand managers are struggling to keep abreast the changing digital landscape. With limited internal resources, marketing and communication teams are challenged to identify what channels and applications will be effective in meeting their customer acquisition and retention strategies.

SoLook Media’s Strategic Services Group is made up of strategists and experts in digital and social media. We help organizations achieve their business objectives by leveraging digital solutions that drive meaningful interaction and engagement with their prospect and customer communities.

SoLook Media has implemented over 100 digital marketing, data capture and communication initiatives through various consumer channels including web, email, mobile, Facebook and Twitter. Each initiative was customized to meet specific requirements designed to facilitate and improve consumer interaction, acquisition and retention. SoLook Media will leverage and combine these successes, with the knowledge and experience of our client’s brand managers, to form a partnership. This partnership will co-develop solutions and digital strategies that ensure enhanced consumer value in the Facebook, Twitter, mobile and digital community.

What does strategy mean for you?

Our Strategic Services team will provide you with education and guidance on the uses and capabilities of new programs and products available across digital channels. We will partner with you to strategize and scope potential solutions and applications that will position you as a leader in the digital marketing space while keeping your brand connected and accessible to consumers. We will develop a customized one year strategy for your brand. We can also develop strategies around “one-off” campaigns.

Determining the right strategy for your brand

Your objectives will determine the direction of the strategy we provide. We will also consider the size of your business, the industry you operate in and your competitor’s behaviour. Our solutions can range from driving Facebook/Twitter followers, to maximising earned media impressions through the Facebook newsfeed, to solutions that fit into more specific goals and larger multichannel integrated marketing strategies.

All our strategies are designed with the overarching objective of provoking action from current and potential consumers.

Which channels?

We develop strategies for single or multiple channels.

  • Influencer Marketing: Leveraging the power of influencers can be an effective way to reach a large audience through trusted and authentic endorsements. We can help you identify and partner with influencers in your industry to develop campaigns that resonate with your target audience.
  • Email: We can help you design and execute email campaigns that resonate with your audience, and use data and analytics to optimize their performance over time.
  • Web: We can develop web strategies that focus on improving your website’s user experience, optimizing its content for search engines, and driving traffic through various digital marketing tactics.
  • Facebook and Twitter: We can help you build and maintain a strong social media presence on these platforms, and create content that engages your followers and drives traffic to your website.
  • SMS: We can develop SMS campaigns that are personalized, relevant, and timely, and use automation to ensure that your messages reach your audience at the right time.
  • iOS and Android Apps: We can help you design and develop mobile apps that deliver a seamless and engaging user experience, and leverage app analytics to optimize their performance over time.
  • Mobile Web: We can help you optimize your website for mobile devices, ensuring that it is fast, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines.
  • Foursquare and Facebook Places: We can help you leverage location-based services to drive foot traffic to your physical locations, and develop campaigns that encourage customer loyalty and engagement.
  • VR and AR campaigns: We can develop interactive campaigns that leverage VR  and AR technology to deliver immersive and engaging experiences for your audience.
  • GeoMapping: We can help you visualize and analyze your business’s data in real-time, and use location-based insights to inform your marketing and sales strategies.


  • TikTok: With over 1 billion active users worldwide, TikTok is a rapidly growing social media platform that is particularly popular among Gen Z and millennial audiences. We can help you develop TikTok campaigns that leverage the platform’s short-form video format and music integration to engage your target audience.
  • Twitch: A live streaming platform that is primarily focused on gaming content, Twitch has also expanded to include other types of content such as music, talk shows, and creative arts. We can help you develop Twitch campaigns that connect with your target audience through live streaming content and interactive engagement.
  • Clubhouse: An audio-based social media app, Clubhouse allows users to join or create rooms to have real-time conversations on various topics. We can help you develop Clubhouse campaigns that leverage the platform’s audio format to create engaging and informative discussions with your audience.
  • Podcasts: With the growing popularity of podcasts, developing a media strategy around this medium can be an effective way to reach a captive audience. We can help you create and promote podcast content that aligns with your business objectives and engages your target audience.
  • YouTube: With over 2 billion active users worldwide, YouTube is a video-sharing platform that offers a wide range of content across various categories. We can help you develop YouTube campaigns that leverage the platform’s video format to engage your target audience and drive traffic to your website.
  • LinkedIn: As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn offers unique opportunities to reach business and professional audiences. We can help you develop LinkedIn campaigns that leverage the platform’s advertising and content capabilities to reach your target audience with relevant and engaging content.
  • Pinterest: As a visual discovery and bookmarking platform, Pinterest offers unique opportunities to reach audiences through visually engaging content. We can help you develop Pinterest campaigns that leverage the platform’s visual format to promote your products or services and drive traffic to your website.

These are just a few examples of the many new media channels that we can develop media strategies for. As new platforms and technologies emerge, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve in their digital marketing efforts.

Regardless of consumer demographics, the marketplace is fragmented. Consumers are everywhere and technology is rapidly changing. Our strategies for multiple channels integrate solutions across marketing systems to generate more impactful campaigns with higher response rates. If you are not sure which channel(s) are best for your brand our Strategic Services team can provide advice and expertise.

Measuring success

Embedded into all of our strategies is a robust tracking system which will provide you with the performance metrics needed to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and monitor ROI.

Our strategies also incorporate consumer data collection and management. We will analyse both the performance metrics and consumer data, and provide a consultation service on how to use this data to apply key learnings to future campaigns.

Next steps?

More and more companies are joining the social media movement. Are you ready to make the shift from traditional to digital? Call us for a consultation and we’ll help you establish a plan for your brand’s future.