Ottawa Senators


Ottawa Senators


Mega Match Up


• Capture consumer preference data to determine Game Packs
• Increase Facebook fan base
• Increase duration of Facebook visits


• Data capture app
• Online tracking and data sharing


• Facebook contest entry app
• Sweepstake app
• Viral marketing tools


The “Mega Match-up” asked fans to select their top 5 most anticipated games in the upcoming 2010-2011 schedule, to be entered into a draw to win a pair of tickets to the home opener game against Buffalo Sabres. The custom app was hosted on the Ottawa Senator’s Facebook page and was fan-gated so only accessible to people who “Like” the fanpage. A Drag and Drop app allowed fans to select their top 5 games and rank them in order from 1 (being the most anticipated) to 5 (least anticipated). All participants were required to complete a contest entry form, providing data and profiling information for future targeting.

Captured intelligence on which games the fans are most excited about – to be used to help determine which games to bundle into game packs. (Game packs are groups of tickets sold together.)

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