So Nice


So Nice


Green Contest


• Generate brand awareness
• Increase time spent on So Nice’s Facebook page
• Build Facebook fanbase
• Capture Fan customer demographic and preferences data
• Encourage product trial


• Online access via custom username and password; accessible 24/7
• Real-time tracking of contest entries


• User Generated Content app
• Content Management system
• Language notification app
• Voting app
• Data Capture app


“If you had $5,000 to make the world a better, more organic place what would you spend it on? So Nice is asking Facebook users that very question in a bid to find the most inspiring and original idea. For 5 months, So Nice is encouraging people across the US and Canada to submit their ideas on Facebook using SoLook Media’s User Generated Content app. Ideas must be uploaded in text format along with any supporting pictures, photos or graphics. The contest application is being hosted within the So Nice Facebook page and is exclusively accessible to Facebook users who are, or become, fans of (i.e. “Like”) the brand. Consumer data and preferences are collected from the contest entry form, providing So Nice with information to turn anonymous Facebook fans into value propositions that can be segmented and engaged with through targeted communications. Once an idea is submitted by a participant it is hosted within the custom tab for the general public to view and vote on through the integration of SoLook Media’s Voting app. The number of votes each entry has received is displayed.

In January 2011 the contest will close and a panel of industry experts will review the submissions and select the winning idea. The votes placed by the public throughout the duration of the contest will be taken into consideration and $5,000 will be awarded to the winner for them to spend on executing their idea.”

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