We’re The Communications Agency. We provide Digital Experience Solutions. We’re independent, response focused;

Our services bring companies and products to market smarter and faster.

SoLook Design-Media is a full service digital marketing and technology services company that enables organizations to grow their customer and prospect communities through anywhere-anytime communications. SoLook Design-Media’s proprietary solutions empower organizations to deploy and track interactive marketing content through multiple channels including the web, mobile devices, touch screen kiosks, Facebook, Twitter, and email. SoLook Design-Media’s integrated digital strategies differentiates us from any other marketing organization.

SoLook Design-Media Key differentiators. What makes us different from any other digital marketing company:

Return on Investment. Every initiative is designed to drive revenue for our clients. This is how we are measured and how we convert co-investment pilots into long-term relationships. SoLook provides ROI reports for each campaign. This enables stakeholders to report results internally and justify transition from pilot to full roll out.

Co-investment. We co-invest on all initial pilots. This enables our clients to evaluate our solutions and measure ROI without making a significant investment. We provide:

Set-up and strategic services to ensure successful implementation of our solutions
Pilot licensing and messaging on initial campaigns
Business Intelligence. Robust tracking and analytics

SoLook Design-Media, specializing in the creation of unusual advertising, using the latest technology. We connect three areas: innovation, hardware and Video designs. Our company provides a full range of services, from concept to actual implementation and management of the idea on the grounds of your company, presentations and exhibitions. Get creative ideas to work – for the benefit of your company!

Interactive Installations

-Video Mapping
-Augmented Reality
-Immersive Digital Interiors

Interactive Digital Signage

Mobile Applications

Creative Online Entity

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