Interactive 3D Design

We, at SoLook, lend form to your imaginative designs. We see your dreams materialise in virtual reality and help you complete the visual design. Our team of talented graphic designers, multi-media developers, architects and designers with more than 10 years of experience in 3D Rendering and 3D animation offer incomparable quality at cost effective rates.


Responsive Web Design

We Design & Develop Interactive Websites & Bring it to Every Device. Our digital solutions will expand your influence on the web & help you capture new audiences & opportunities for your business.

Offshore Development

Out source all your 3D works to SoLook! We invite Architects, Builders / Developers & Design Studios who would like to form an alliance with SoLook.


Attention Real Estate Developers!

We deliver high-end professional Design services combined with focussed property marketing expertise to help you sell new developments before they're built.

Brand Development (logo, brochure, stationery) | Web Design Presentation CD | 3D Walkthrough Animation | 3D Images

Services you'll love

Smart School / Classroom

This smart mobile educational solution enables your students and teachers to benefit from a broad range of education-related information on their mobile device. They include up-to-date school information, access to crucial learning resources and real-time attendance and participation trackers, all of which serve to increase your students' engagement and performance. Communication links between institutions and students can be established, helping to create a more interactive learning environment that stretches well beyond the classroom. By improving relations and increasing flexibility between parents, students and teachers, these solutions can have a positive impact on a wide variety of institutions.

Home Automation

Once you get beyond the hype, home automation gives you remote and automatic control of a wide array of devices in your home. Home automation can also alert you to events that you might want to know about right-away while you are gone like water leaks and unexpected access to your home, or any part of it. At any time, you can grab your iPhone, Android device or other remote control and change the settings in your house as desired. For automation, you dictate how a device should react, when it should react, and why it should react. You set the schedule and the rest is automated and based off of your personal preferences thus providing convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter home.

Digital Signage (DOOH)

SoLook is an established digital consultancy for an unsettling, yet exciting, time in marketing - a time when companies have ceded control of their brands to the individual. With the socialization of media and constantly changing technologies, channels and consumer behaviors are disrupting many industries, brands and marketing disciplines such as traditional advertising and public relations. Consumers are relying on each other to learn about products and services and influence their buying behavior. All channels are being challenged. Media is increasingly fragmented and traditional marketing rules are being re-written. Media is more accountable, measurable and "earn-able". People are more time-starved and convenience is more valued than ever before. Let SoLook help you convert these disruptions into opportunity and profits.

Web Design Services

Easy Updates

We’ll create a substantial mobile-web platform that translates the full functionality of your company’ss existing web based system to all mobile devices.

Real-time analytics

Real-Time allows you to monitor visitor activity as it happens on your site. The reports are updated continuously and each pageview is reported seconds after it occurs on your site.

Responsive Design

We create beautiful, consistent experiences across all kinds of personal computers, TVs and mobile devices, including tablets and a range of smartphones..

Quick Turnaround

Our average turn around time is 1-2 weeks. Start benefiting from more exposure sooner. With unique designs that are laid out well, easy to navigate, fast loading and eye catching, we make your website an experience that users remember.

SEO Basics

We integrate the best combination of keywords, links and metatags into your site content to trigger Internet search engines, like Google®, Yahoo!® and MSN®, to get your website listed in the local search results. Every site designed and built at SoLook is created with the latest SEO principles in mind.

Social Media

Remember that your website is a marketing tool. We build a website by implementing social media, blogging and customer interaction. We can help you weigh the value of sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter as well as help you setup accounts, create profiles, and guidelines for blogging, commenting and participating in these communities.

Featured Work


SoLook is a leading Canada Web Design company offering a well-rounded suite of services that includes Joomla & WordPress Development, Graphic Design, Google Marketing, Custom Facebook Pages, Video Production and Digital Signage. With over 10 years experience, SoLook is a one-stop-shop for all of your online needs, including Web Design.

We work closely with you to bring your vision to life – on time and on budget. Over the past decade we have designed websites for companies here in Canada, from across Canada, and around the world. We know we can help you not only achieve your goals, but we will also exceed your expectations. Contact us for all your digital needs.

Our Process


Getting to know one another;
Our first step in any new client relationship is to sit down and learn about you. We'll examine your existing business situation, user profiles, market strategies, and broad implementation details. We'll challenge your ideas, provide our input, and help hone your goals into something concise and measurable. We listen to your goals and ideas and research them carefully. We then take what we have learned and construct a plan of action.


Bringing your ideas to life;
Next, we'll bring your team in for a multi-day planning session where we walk through your entire site, working out page flow, interactions, and general layout decisions. We'll lay them all out in rough wireframes, and once we're done, you'll have a solid visual framework of what your site will become. We expand on the plan to develop a concept, carefully honing and revising the possibilities until a single, clear solution emerges.

SoLook offers a wide array of web services in Canada, ranging from web design and web development to online marketing. Our belief is that the creation of a successful web presence requires a combination of design, development and marketing to deliver a truly uniform experience.

Look & Feel

Not just another pretty face;
Once we have wireframes and stories ready to go, our design team will work with you to figure out all the details of your branding and visual identity. You'll work directly with one of our designers to hash out mockups of your site's key pages. This head start assures that design will stay one step ahead of code throughout the development process, allowing developers to deliver features that are ready to launch.

We see everything we make as an opportunity to forge a meaningful connection with an audience. It’s not just about making things look good, it’s about making them useful. Our web design services are structured to get the most return on your investment.

We provide clean, purposeful concepts that drive interaction with your prospects – without overloading or underwhelming. As a Canada web design company, we will work with you to ensure you achieve the look and feel you want out of your website

Design & Development

Countdown to launch;
Here's where the magic happens. Equipped with a cohesive, fully-realized game plan, you'll see our team take on your project with speed, skill, and undeniable panache. Implement and integrate components and structure into functional prototypes, ready for review. Review and prepare final product. Polish, test, finalise, launch, and deliver.

SoLook agile methodology and highly disciplined gameplan allows you to keep touch with every step of the process, and allows us to stay flexible to meet your needs as they change and grow along with your project.


Search Engine Optimization;
One of the biggest advantages you have when selecting us as a provider is the fact that we incorporate our SEO services directly into all new web sites. This will significantly improve your search engine ranking. This service alone would cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Monitoring & Reporting; As part of our service, we automatically install Google Analytics. You will be able to track various details related to your site’s performance and conversion. We will provide you a log in and show you the basics of how to use this service. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our monthly maintenance package in which case we will monitor all activity and continually optimize your site for peak conversations.

Once the project is done, you have the keys, but we're always here to help you grow and evaluate for the best possible long term results. Monitor the project's growth as it comes to life, evaluate and prepare for the next cycle to begin.

3D Design

Our 3d building design service offers high quality exterior and interior building design for building developers, architects and realtors. Our services at SoLook include 3D walkthroughs, virtual tours, panoramic architectural renderings, and professional 3D presentation materials and animation.

Archtectural 3D Rendering Sample

We at SoLook are adept at computer-generated, simulated, architectural 3D modeling, panoramic architectural renderings, interactive videos and animation that create photorealistic visuals and live demos to realize and project your vision from the conceptual stage itself.

3D Interactive Demo Sample

We provide high quality 3D Product Animation services to various Manufacturing Agencies, Building Developers. Rather than going in for expensive prototypes or scaled models, which offer minimum or no space for corrections, digital models and animations can serve as a powerful tool.

3D Product Animation Sample

Web Site Design; Packages and Pricing



  • Responsive Design
  • Up To 5 Pages
  • Online Form
  • Time Frame: One Week

A smart layout with an eye-catching Sliding header. HTML5 / CSS3

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  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited No. of Pages
  • CMS Included
  • Advanced Online Forms
  • Blog
  • Multimedia Gallery
  • Membership
  • Social Network Channels
  • Traffic Analytics
  • SEO (First Month)
  • Time Frame: 3 Weeks

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  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited No. of Pages
  • CMS Included
  • Shopping Cart
  • Advanced Online Forms
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Multimedia Gallery
  • Membership
  • Social Network Channels
  • Traffic Analytics
  • SEO ( First 3 Months)
  • Time Frame: 4 Weeks

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* Hosting plan and domain name registration fees are excluded. + Domain Name one year registration= $20 One year Hosting plan= $80

Search Engine Optimization Prices

The costs of our SEO services depend on the complexity of keywords and their quality. For new clients, we offer our Starter SEO Package starting at $450 CAD*  (Initial campaign setup: $1000) which includes website optimization for up to 5 targeted keywords, article creation, directories submission, social bookmarking and more. To get a detailed SEO proposal for your website, simply fill out our contact form and send us a proposal request.

SEO Is The Most Affordable Way To Get Customers

We work with companies across the country, and offer each client optimal solution and approach. That is why we are implementing global search engine optimization techniques for businesses operating throughout Canada and local search engine optimization for organizations that offer products and services in a particular city, province or region.

There are two ways of advertising your business website on search engines: Pay-Per-Click system and SEO. SEO has proved its effectiveness and affordability over many years, and some advantages over AdWords are:

  • The strong ability of attracting any targeted audience
  • The high conversion of visitors from search engines to customers
  • The possibility of bringing the site up to 10 times more visitors than Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Ability to attract visitors, negatively related to advertising
  • The cost of attracting visitors is 5-10 times lower than with Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
  • Visitor normally find that sites that appear in more organic search results, are often more trustworthy.
  • We use only White Hat SEO methods and follow ‘Google Webmaster Guidelines’ for webmasters.

    What Does Our SEO Package Include?

    For our campaigns, we create only ‘do-follow’ contextual backlinks from relevant forums, blogs, directories and websites with high Google Page Rank and aged authority domains.

    We use only White Hat SEO methods and follow ‘Google Webmaster Guidelines’ for webmasters.

    Local SEO Package

    SEO Quote
      • 5 Keywords Optimized

        Google Analytics Setup

        Meta Tags Optimization

      • 20 Search Engines Submission
        Google Local Listing

      • 30 Social Bookmarks

        100 Directories Submissions

        10 Articles Submissions

        100 Forums Signatures

        100 Blog Comments

      • Initial campaign setup: $1000

    from $450
    per month

    from $2500
    6 months

    Business SEO Packages

    Sign Up
    • 10 Keyword Optimized

      Sitemap and Robot.txt

      Content Optimization

    • 50 Search Engines Submission

      Local Business Directories

    • 50 Social Bookmarks

      200 Directories Submissions

      30 Articles Submissions

      200 Forums Signatures

      200 Blog Comments

    • Initial campaign setup: $1500

    • $650
      per month

      6 months

    Ideal for Organizations

    E-commerce SEO Package

    Sign Up
    • 20 Keyword Optimized

      Competitors Analysis

      Maximum Optimization

    • 50 Search Engines Submission

      Google Places, Price Comparison

    • 100 Social Bookmarks

      400 Directories Submissions

      50 Articles Submissions

      300 Forums Signatures

      300 Blog Comments


    • Initial campaign setup: $2000

    • $850
      per month*

      6 months

    * Base packages prices for informational purposes only. Number of submissions and prices can be changed depending on keywords, market competitiveness, project complicity and domain factors.