Smart Energy

Lithium Ion Solar Batteries are the Ideal Match for Solar Energy Storage Needs. Whether you already have a Solar System or you intend to have one installed we can be your answer for Solar Energy. SoLook gives you the chance to replace your old obsolete battery storage system with the perfect match for Solar. If you have a Solar Energy System with energy storage you know that you can only use the power generated when the sun is out. You cannot store and use it for other times. Much of your energy savings is not used, it is wasted. You also know your existing energy storage system for your solar system it is inefficient, obsolete and a problem waiting to happen. Typical Lead Acid Batteries used for solar energy storage have many problems including: they are almost never adequate to handle generated energy storage needs, do not efficiently and effectively store generated power, do not last long, are they are very heavy and made of a toxic material. If you are installing a new Solar System SoLook gives you the chance to do energy storage right from day one. If you want a Solar System that can maximize use of energy from the sun our batteries are your answer allowing you to store all of the sun generated energy and use it whenever you want. Most Important for you are the facts that our smart batteries can last for the duration of most solar energy systems meaning you buy our smart batteries¬†and you are done. And considering their longevity and the efficiently they are less costly than the heavy and toxic lead acid batteries. If you want to “go green” the lithium ion SOLook smart batteries are not only virtually indestructible but they are non-toxic. Many are finding that by coupling our smart batteries with solar a Solar PV System they are not only saving money, but becoming energy independent, having a perpetual power back-up power system and making our planet a better and cleaner environment.