Engage your shoppers on a new level

This platform is the most complete digital content management platform available for shopping centers. It allows you to create a branded digital experience for your centers that your shoppers want. This includes mobile apps, websites and digital directory boards, sending enhanced push notifications and running social campaigns. It works with your brand and design. From websites to apps, directory boards to campaigns we give you a custom branded experience.

Experience the enormous benefits of managing your center’s content in one place and updating all your digital channels at once. From store locations to store promotions and more, our CMS updates your websites, apps, directory boards and social content all at once so you can stay focused on your center’s message.

Custom Content Management System

Manage your website, mobile apps, directory boards and more all in one place with our custom built CMS. We take care of everything from hosting, 24/7 support and app store management.

Amazing Analytics

Experience an uprecedented level of analytics about who your shoppers are and what they like. Helping you understand the most successful ways to engage your users.

Your Center's Brand Matters

Have your center’s brand and design front & center with custom designed websites & native apps specifically built for your centers. We work closely with you on design & brand so other apps don’t define it for you.

Contests, Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs

Create custom contests, loyalty programs and gift card programs in a snap with our online tools. Collect customer information in one place with amazing levels of demographic detail.

Enhanced Push Notifications

Send your shoppers relevant push notifications right to their mobile device about your center’s latest promotions and events based on their shopping preferences and behaviors.

Multi Center Platform

Roll out features and common design templates for all your centers. Share resources, assets and campaigns easily across all centers for amazing corporate savings.