Mavi Jeans


Mavi Jeans


Integrated Digital Solutions


• Integrate marketing strategies and channels – web, mobile, email, Facebook, POS system – for multiple promotions throughout the year.
• Utilize existing media to drive traffic to Facebook Fanpage and increase Fanbase through 5 “fan-gated” contests
• Capture Fan profile data and build database of e-newsletter and mobile subscribers
• Maintain “top of mind” with customers through monthly e-newsletter
• Drive traffic to Mavi stores with SMS promo code and track redemption rates


• Online access via custom username and password; accessible 24/7
• Mobile tracking – SMS keyword and coupon tracking from all media
• Coupon redemption at POS
• Real-time tracking of entries
• Prize Inventory Management and tracking
• Promo code based channel tracking – what channels participants are coming from – email, mobile, web, Twitter, Facebook


• Text2Win App
• Custom Facebook App
• Sweepstakes App
• POS promo code and coupon redemption system
• Email Newsletter App
• Data Capture App


Over the course of a year SoLook Media’s integrated digital marketing solutions will enable Mavi to engage, interact and capture data from consumers in multiple contests and promotions. In addition, participants in these promotions are encouraged to visit retail locations to redeem incentives and coupons deployed through email and to their mobile phones. Coupons and promo codes are redeemed through SoLook Media’s web-based promo code application located on Mavi’s POS systems at retail locations. Participants can enter via text message calls to action in various media channels, Facebook or microsite. The Facebook contesting application collects consumer data and instigates viral sharing (post to profile, share on Twitter, invite friends etc).


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