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Ivanhoe Cambridge


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Information Exchange and Workshop


SoLook Media’s Strategic Services Group moderated two all day workshops with Ivanhoe Cambridge Marketing Executives. The workshops were designed to articulate and provide hands on experience with the importance, value and benefit of the newest consumer digital channels. Digital consumer channels covered included Facebook, Twitter, mobile (SMS, iPhone, Mobile Web), email and web.

The workshops were broken into several sessions:

Session One: Market and consumer trends – included the relevance and importance of new channels for shopping centres.

Session Two: Context and Ideas – how can shopping centres leverage trends. Focus on consumer acquisition, retention and communications.

Session Three: Examples – interactive discussion around current case studies in which shopping centres integrated digital channels into their existing strategies and traditional channels. Covered planning and implementation of these initiatives. Consideration of how shopping centres have used digital channels both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Session Four: Results – what the return from digital is and how it can be measured. Shopper participation rates and ROI including redemption and channel preference – what channels, incentives and prize pools drive the greatest participation.

Session Five: Around the corner – education on upcoming applications and technologies and the opportunities these offer.

Session Six: Creating a campaign – a “hands on” workshop where participants had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a campaign that integrated new digital channels and data collection strategies into a centralized, cohesive consumer retention and acquisition solution for a specific event. Attendees worked in teams to strategize, plan and create a workflow for a campaign.


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