CLIENT: Hyundai

CAMPAIGN: Interactive Digital Showroom


• Integrate digital marketing for interactive brand engagement

• Capture prospect and customer data through multiple digital mediums

• Build database of people who have interacted with the brand

• Develop qualified leads for post-show communication

• Aggregate, measure and report all interactions for success metrics BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

• Data capture app


• Touch Screen Kiosk • iTouch app • Text2Win app • WAP page • Bluetooth app • Dynamic Signage • Microsite


SoLook Design debuted its digital media showroom at the Hyundai exhibit for the 2009 Auto Show circuit. Across several major cities, auto show attendees interacted with the Hyundai brand through multiple digital mediums designed to increase excitement about specific Hyundai products and capture customer and prospect data. Visitors were surrounded in a dynamic environment of media-rich content accessible through touch screen kiosks, portable touch screens facilitated by the Customer Service Representatives, text messaging, Bluetooth downloads and digital signage.

The touch screen kiosks featured the 2009 award winning Genesis vehicle and a contest entry form to entice participants to establish dialogue with Hyundai. Demographic and preferences data was collected along with options to schedule a test drive, request a brochure and receive additional information from Hyundai. SMS “calls to action” were featured on in-venue print and digital signage. The return message to participants contained a WAP link, connecting users to a webpage accessible by their mobile phone.

The auto discovery process detected the type of phone the participant was using and delivered the webpage in a pertinent format. When passing through pre-set Bluetooth zone, visitors received permission-based requests from Hyundai to download content directly to their mobile phone. Customer Service Representatives utilized iPod Touch units to aid the deployment of dynamic information and capture information on qualified leads by entering participants into the grand prize draw. The microsite was used for data capture before, during and after the show.


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